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Impressive storage capacities for all temperature modes

We are among the largest providers of value-added warehouse services in Central Europe. We store goods in all temperature modes (from + 25 ° C to -25 ° C). We are the only warehouse in Czech Republic that can store 180 000 pallets. Daily processing of 45,000 cartons in Cross Dock mode and delivering 15,000 pallets to our customers from our warehouses. We adhere to FIFO, FEFO, LIFO and our warehouses are managed by the Warehouse Management System (SAP Expansion).

Our warehouses operate with "paperless" mode and we use barcode readers for all warehouse operations. We have four distribution centres in the Czech Republic: Jažlovice near Prague (D1, exit 10), Prostějov (E462, exit 25), Strančice near Prague (D1, exit 15) and Miřetice u Klášteru n. O.

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